There's no inherently good or bad way to create.

Textile sculptures Sabine Halm

For my soulful artworks (as I like to call them),
I create without constraint or expectation,
it's a liberating experience for me.

A pure exploration of my imagination and creativity.
In this state of mind, I have no rules to follow, no limits to adhere to.
It's a space where my ideas flow freely, where I am free
to experiment, to wander, and to get lost in the labyrinths of my mind.

I create without constraint, so I must set aside any idea of a final result.
It's not the product that matters to me, but the process itself,
the tumultuous journey from thought to realization.

In this state of mind, my deepest emotions,
my wildest thoughts,
all find their place in my evolving creation.
It's a dance between my conscious and unconscious.

Creating without expectation means shedding the weight
of external judgments,
social norms, and even self-criticism.
It's an authentic act, where I connect directly with my deepest self,
letting my heart and instinct speak.

In this state of mind, there is no right or wrong way to create.
Every mistake I make is an opportunity for learning,
every failure is a step on the path of discovery.
It's a celebration of imperfection,
an affirmation of beauty in all its forms.

Creating without constraint or expectation is immersing
oneself in the flow of
pure creativity, where time stops and space expands.

In this state of mind, anything is possible.

Textile design

Personal Creative Experience.


I create without worrying about whether it pleases
others or not; it's a profoundly liberating approach.
With my textile designs, I seek personal expression and creative
freedom rather than external approval.

Creating without expectations about how my work will be
received frees me to fully immerse myself in my creative process.
I can explore my ideas freely and give full rein to my imagination.

Creating in this way allows for greater artistic honesty.
I am free to express my deepest thoughts, most intimate
emotions, and personal experiences.

I can thus focus entirely on expressing my vision,
without any external constraints.

With my textile designs, I am simply motivated by
the creative process itself and by the sense of satisfaction
and personal accomplishment it brings.