• Barbe dentelle Madrigal B 3

    Language of the fingers, laborious, lively

    Fashion complements
  • Lace art work Madrigal b

    Vaporous halo...

    Textile finishing
  • Lace art work luxury Madrigal b

    Lace, a precious ornament ...

    Lace making
  • Cérianthe

    Freedom of allure...

    Curiosity cabinet

Lace and Trimmings

In our workshop, the thread is reinvented in two distinct styles.

Subtly braided with ultra-fine thread to create delicate lace patterns,
or woven with a more assertive look from a more robust yarn,
thus evoking the modern aesthetic of trimmings.

Service oriented towards the realization of tailor-made projects,
precisely shaping each order according to your needs and wishes.

The excellence of hand lace


Homage to delicacy and creativity.

Lace Research & Know-how

Lace and trimmings artist

Pushes back the limits of handmade lace and infuses it in a contemporary way into the French luxury landscape, in particular through the development of technical freedom allowed by the perfect mastery of this know-how

Luxury lace hand made Madrigal b

Hand lace is the symbol of refined production. Evocation of the grace of the gesture.



Hand lace is still the Art of combining threads to create an original work from scratch.
It contributes to the formation of taste and discernment.

From technique to experimental freedom.

Duality between the delicacy of traditional handmade lace,
echoing the notions of know-how and thoroughness, and experimental research in volume, echoing the notion of depth both around the material and its use.

sculpture-demi-jour-lace Madrigal b

Innovation is an integral part of workshop work. The search for new materials and volumes allows a sense of renewal.
A more contemporary and design vision of a little-known art profession.


zoom matière lace Madrigal b

Far from a graphic lace ideal, the pieces reveal themselves to be thread and an automatic writing of the work by hand.
Their contemplation shows a search of destructuring, of abolition of all hierarchy of assembly and balance.