Lace training

For online access to the lace lessons see option 1 (in French only)

atelier madrigal b dentelle

Apprehend the gestures and the subtlety of the lace-making know-how,
Métier d'Art listed at the National Institute of Métiers d'Art, during sessions:

-individuals or groups,

-levels starting from discovery to professionalization

- as part of the Sabine HALM training center or courses organized, outside Madrigal b, by training centers for crafts, fashion companies, associations of professionals or amateurs and community leisure centers local.

Sabine HALM's training courses are eligible for funding from contributing professionals:

-FAFCEA (Training Insurance Fund for Handicraft Business Managers registered with the Chamber of Trades and Crafts)
- AGEFICE (Association for the Management and Financing of the Training of Business Managers registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
To benefit from it, you must:
be up to date with your social contributions and produce the URSSAF certificate attesting to payments to your training insurance fund.

Sabine HALM is listed in the DATA DOCK (database of different OPCAs referencing quality training courses eligible for training funds).
The training courses of the Madrigal b workshop were the subject of an activity declaration to the DIRECCTE (Regional Directorate of Labor, Employment and Vocational Training) and to the Prefecture of Nouvelle-Aquitaine ( this registration does not constitute state approval).

If you have any questions do not hesitate :

Train yourself with our booklets
and our tools.


Impossible to come to the workshop.
Train remotely thanks to our various kits including:
at least the educational booklet, or even wire and tool (s).

The possible options:

Option 1 : 13€

You already have the necessary tools,

download the technical booklet ( in french ), made up of more than 100 photos and explanations for 13 €.

Option 2 : 19€

You already have the necessary tools,

then you can acquire the technical booklet
( in french ), made up of more than 100 photos and explanations
the price of 19 €.


Option 3 : 54€

You don't have the tools,

the technical booklet
( in french ) option + a tool in linden wood (delivered in a box) + wire,

you will need at the price of 54 €


Option 4 : 89€

You want to go even further,

the booklet option + 2 tools in linden wood (delivered in box) + wire,

you are recommended to go further in your learning 89 €

Tool option : 39€

You already have a technical manual and only want additional tools,
completely handcrafted in linden wood, 39 € the tool (delivered in case).

For either of these options, you have the choice of payment by check or wire transfer.
You wish to order or have more information :