Biography of Sabine Halm

French lace maker and trimmings

Exhibitions & awards


- She joined the Mondial Art Academia.

- His sculpture work appears in Envision Art magazine.

- His sculptures are exhibited on Artsper.


- Winner of the Ateliers d'Art de France 2020 competition, heritage category New Aquitaine.

- Integrated in the Homo Faber guide of the Michel Angelo foundation.

- 26th edition of the International Cultural Heritage Fair (postponed)

- Sell her lace in 
Saint Leu Art Expo (postponed)


Sell her lace in
 Concept store Empreinte in Paris

- Sell her lace in concept store
la Nef in Montpellier


- International Trade Fair Louvre in Lens

- Sell her lace in 
Carrousel du Louvre in Paris


- Winner of the Haute-Vienne
Business Trophy

- Museum of the Companions of the Tour de France in Bordeaux



Childhood and adolescence in New Caledonia

1990 à 2004

Travels and lives in many countries with her husband


Back from Egypt, Sabine settles in France and creates her first lace workshop


First sculptures and creation of the "sculpturesfibre" workshop