Respect tradition and dare insolence
because one cannot go without the other (Christian Dior)

Sabine Halm lacemaker and trimmings


It was in 2002 that Sabine HALM, a native of New Caledonia, joined France and began this professional endeavor which brought her closer to her great-great-grandmother and her ancestors, respectively lacemaker and weavers since 1700.

Since then, she has been practicing a knot lace technique between: bobbin lace and needle lace.

"It is an ancestral know-how that I carry with me, like a force that escapes me a little, but which is obvious," she says.

The craftswoman evokes the dialogue of lace.
Points, nodes, network, path, etc. write, according to her, a sort of silent but eloquent conversation.

Served by a precise gesture and an exuberant imagination, the designer knots pieces borrowing from several eras: the 19th century for some, Art Deco for others, vintage inspiration or resolutely contemporary for some.

Formerly confined to the adornment of clothing and its complements, the know-how mastered by the lacemaker is now transposed to new applications such as:





Madrigal b the excellence of handmade lace

The European Days of Crafts and Heritage Days are meetings for an audience curious about the uniqueness of Madrigal B, the brand created by Sabine HALM.

Listed among the art professionals of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the workshop has also been a member of the Ateliers d'Art de France since 2016.
The training courses are promoted by INMA (National Institute of Crafts).

Entry into the Homo Faber Guide - from the Swiss Michelangelo Foundation celebrating the excellence of the human hand in European craftsmanship - testifies to international recognition.