Lace legend

One of the legends about lace

“A young fisherman from the Adriatic was engaged to the most beautiful girl from one of the islands in the lagoon.
As laborious as she was beautiful, the young girl made a new net which he took away on his boat.
The first time he used it, he brought back from the bottom of the sea a superb petrified algae which he hastened to offer to his fiancée.

But now war breaks out and forces all the sailors to leave for the Venetian fleet, towards the shores of the East!
The poor young girl mourns the departure of her fiancé and stays for whole days contemplating the beautiful seaweed that he left her as a token of his love.

While looking at these superb ribs connected with such light fibers, she braids the threads terminated by a small lead and which hang around her net: little by little she reproduces with her skillful fingers the beloved model on which her eyes were constantly drawn, in the end she succeeds:

lace was invented.”